The Student BMJ Cartoons Wakefield

The Student BMJ is by far the most popular medical student publication in the world. It has just run a cartoon on the issue of the Wakefieldian MMR-Autism mishap. Take a look. To see the high res version of the cartoon, and find more reading links and stuff, click on the image to go to … Continue reading The Student BMJ Cartoons Wakefield

Editor’s Selection on Research Blogging

This is the first time, so I am sure the enthusiasm is well-explained! One of the posts I wrote here was selected as the Editor's selection on the Research Blogging team. Click on the logo alongside to go check it out. Also, read the other fantastic posts which got similarly selected. Another mention of note … Continue reading Editor’s Selection on Research Blogging

PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown

So, remember, a few days ago I had talked about the launch of an Open Access journal from the NPG stable? If you were too busy having a life, go, check out the post here. Anyways, in what seems like an almost sarcastic repetition of history, PLoS welcomes the latest addition to the OA field. … Continue reading PLoS vs Nature: The Open Access Showdown

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

In a grove of trees in the grounds of the National Academy of Sciences in Washington, DC, is a statue in memory of Albert Einstein. On it are engraved three of his sayings. One reads: “The right to search for truth implies also a duty; one must not conceal any part of what one has … Continue reading Who Will Guard the Guardians?

Blogging Styles Analyzed

What is your personal blogging style by Dr Shock MD PhD is a refreshing take on a contentious issue. He has brought to the notice of the science bloggers of actual hard research which takes a look at blogging styles. If you are interested in reading about the original paper or want a link to … Continue reading Blogging Styles Analyzed