Predatory Open Access: Part 1 – A Sting Op and Indictment of the OA Model

In the last couple of days, an article from Science has literally gone viral in the scientific circles. It is yet another indictment of what Jeffrey Beall has termed as Predatory Open Access. In a series of posts, I shall comment on this issue. In the first post of this series, I talk about briefly regarding … Continue reading Predatory Open Access: Part 1 – A Sting Op and Indictment of the OA Model

Rapid Revision: Serum Sickness Like Reactions

Background: Serum sickness like reaction is a rare but well-recognized adverse effect with certain drugs, especially antibiotics, amongst which Cefaclor is particularly famous for this. The condition mimics typical serum sickness, which is a type III Hypersensitivity reaction but has not been associated with a similar pathophysiology. In fact the pathogenesis of serum sickness like … Continue reading Rapid Revision: Serum Sickness Like Reactions

At-Taq of the Clones: @ZDoggMD Beware!

So you thought that science communication was all droll and boring lectures by nerdy looking professors who spout big words which work better than any sleeping pills man has made till date? Well, I am sure your fears had been dispelled by the awesome ZDoggMD and crew. I was also limited to his brand of … Continue reading At-Taq of the Clones: @ZDoggMD Beware!

Science 3.0 Blogging Contest #WIN!

Thanks to the wonderful folks over at Science 3.0 for selecting my blog post as the winner for the Open Science themed contest for May! It is an especially gratifying win because this is a topic that I feel about strongly. Open Access and Open science are the way forward if we have to make … Continue reading Science 3.0 Blogging Contest #WIN!

The New Kids on the PLoS Blogs

A new PLos Blog is being launched and involves a couple of my favorite science bloggers, Ben Good and David Robertson, along with Lizzie Crouch (no relation of Barty Crouch) and Anna Perman. So, go check out the Inside Knowledge blog. I just wish they had an email subscription option!