House M.D. 1.02: Denialism

Once you have read the plot, you will understand what I am going to deal with in this post. The key to understanding how House reached a diagnosis of SSPE in the adopted kid was in a funny encounter he had in the clinic. A yummy mummy had brought in her kid who she was … Continue reading House M.D. 1.02: Denialism

Cochrane Students’ Journal Club: An Introduction

Why this Journal Club? Three simple reasons.. To provide students with an opportunity to critically read literature outside their key area of study: To provide students with an opportunity to critically discuss scientific papers. To sensitize them to EBM. Okay. So this is how it goes... A clinical scenario asking a question on the potential … Continue reading Cochrane Students’ Journal Club: An Introduction

IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match

Given the growing number of medical students from India who are taking the USMLE, terms like steps, match, scramble, have become more common on the medical school turfs in the sense pertaining to the USMLE. This year, three people I know personally applied for the match. Two of them got through. So, when I got … Continue reading IMGs in the USMLE, 2011 Match


First up, a disclaimer. I know one of the researchers who conducted this short study personally and professionally. I admire their work and what they have done to further the cause of promoting research by medical students in India. So, this post may be a little biased, but anyways, I decided to go ahead with … Continue reading Buck-teria!

Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter

In this special series, I will try to head up to Valentine’s Day with a series of posts to celebrate the day of love with posts not quite so pink and rosey. And I will start with the volatile Scottish surgeon: John Hunter! Yeah. You read that right! Read on, to understand why I chose … Continue reading Valentine’s Day Special: John Hunter