The Tyranny of Diagnosis

For a profession that primarily concentrates on the well being of the human being, we seem to be very disconnected with the suffering person. We hide behind the facades of cases/bed no./patient ID or sometimes, even diagnoses/differential diagnoses to depersonalize the man who is suffering the disease. We end up diagnosing the disease, treating the … Continue reading The Tyranny of Diagnosis

Small Pox: Rumors, Superstitions and A Massive Scare

When I read this article, a sudden chill ran down my spine: The health secretary A K Sarkar told IANS he had heard the news that smallpox had resurfaced and the health department was in the process of authenticating reports. But he said he was not in a position to either confirm or deny the … Continue reading Small Pox: Rumors, Superstitions and A Massive Scare

About the HIFA2015

This is in continuation of a previous post on my blog. I had talked of how the HIFA2015 group played an instrumental role  in saving the HINARI for the time being HERE. I stumbled across this video on YouTube showing more information about the HIFA2015 and why we need it. Here’s the video:

Did the HIFA2015 Save HINARI?

Alongwith a multitude of other health bloggers, I blogged about publishers pulling out nearly 2500 titles from the HINARI. You can read more about that here. Now, it was followed by an article in the BMJ which raised a storm in the email discussion forum called HIFA 2015 (Health Information for All by 2015). Now … Continue reading Did the HIFA2015 Save HINARI?

HINARI: A Slow and Silent Death?

The Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) was an endeavor of the WHO to promote access to information in major scientific journals to students, scientists and researchers in low income nations at free of cost or low costs. It was alunched in 2002-2003 to facilitate the process of dissemination of knowledge via the internet. … Continue reading HINARI: A Slow and Silent Death?