The USA Dream for IMGs: Coming to an end? Analysing the 2012 Match

My attention was drawn to an article in the JAMA today (1) by one of my friends who is actively pursuing the USMLE route. And after reading this, I guess I have to admit that one now has to make haste in order to prevent waste. Now I have long been wanting to write about this but somehow never came around to do it. Finally, having read this article today, I decided to give it a go. Now this is entirely my perspective on last year’s match and it may be entirely off-base. So do not put too much of thought into this. This year several of my friends are appearing for the match and I wish them the very best of luck. Also, this post is intended to be a wake up call for those who have been sitting on their dates, trying to do that extra bit to eke out an exceptional score. it is time to take the plunge!

ResearchBlogging.orgLet us start with some number crunching first – get the boring stuff out of the way before the real horror movie starts. No, just kidding… The number of students applying for residency in the US programs has increased in leaps and bounds, as the NRMP report shows in this trend-chart dating back to 1952 (2):


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