…maybe your life just sucks?

I don’t know why but this cartoon by the FANTASTIC Abstruse Goose reminded me of my life.

What’s Normal for A Medical Student?

Thanks to Dr. Shock, I stumbled across this wonderful pic: http://twitter.com/#!/DrShock/status/58217594305511425   Kinda reminds me of Michelle Au’s wonderful cartoon, the 12 types of medical students, and especially, this one: I need to be more like this guy in order to succeed in the hated and feared post grad entrance exams. Sigh. Wish me luck…

What’s My Blogging Style?

Fizzzy, over at A Cartoon Guide, has an excellent guide on the different types of medical bloggers. Take a look see: Click on image to get a larger size. So if you have been reading my blog for some time now, would it be prudent to ask you what you thought was my blogging style … Continue reading What’s My Blogging Style?

The Student BMJ Cartoons Wakefield

The Student BMJ is by far the most popular medical student publication in the world. It has just run a cartoon on the issue of the Wakefieldian MMR-Autism mishap. Take a look. To see the high res version of the cartoon, and find more reading links and stuff, click on the image to go to … Continue reading The Student BMJ Cartoons Wakefield

HINARI: A Slow and Silent Death?

The Health InterNetwork Access to Research Initiative (HINARI) was an endeavor of the WHO to promote access to information in major scientific journals to students, scientists and researchers in low income nations at free of cost or low costs. It was alunched in 2002-2003 to facilitate the process of dissemination of knowledge via the internet. … Continue reading HINARI: A Slow and Silent Death?