Do you have an online presence? Then stop SOPA/PIPA Now!

in today’s world hardly anyone is bereft of an online presence. And hence, hardly anyone is in the dark about the outrageous Stop Online Piracy Act and Protect IP Act. While I am in no way condoning acts of piracy, I am just defending my right to speak out freely. I am not sure that … Continue reading Do you have an online presence? Then stop SOPA/PIPA Now!

Reassessing Readability of My Blog

I started blogging here around December last year. After about 70 odd posts, on January 19, I checked the readability of my blog. Here is what it looked like: And today, after about 8 months of blogging, with 260+ posts, a lot of them geared towards medical research articles, here is what my readability score … Continue reading Reassessing Readability of My Blog

She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!

A series of screen grabs to show what it looks like: 1. The Main Home Page: 2. The Blog Dashboard: 3. The Stats look cool: 4. A drop down list for the posts tab: 5. The posting interface: All said and done, here are my thoughts on the new look: 1. It looks spiffy and … Continue reading She’s Got The Looks: Google Blogger’s New Look!

Happy Birthday WordPress!

My favorite blogging platform turns 8 today. Happy birthday WordPress. Although I have been blogging here for less than even 8 months, wordpress has me irreversibly in love. The beautiful blogging system, the easy user interface, the friendly developer community, and over and above all, a community of bloggers who are as vibrant and active … Continue reading Happy Birthday WordPress!

New Look for Google’s Blogger

Google Blogger has been around for quite some time and is supposedly the largest weblogging system around. The hype around wordpress is however much larger. As a blogger myself, I have found this service to be pretty reliable and comfortable. There are literally tons of people blogging about wordpress vs blogger out there, but … Continue reading New Look for Google’s Blogger