The New Look WordPress: #JustWrite!

One of the reasons why I absolutely love as a blogging platform (aside from the fact that they make hosting a painless affair) is the fact that the developers are continuously working to make it a better place. Together with the users, the developers have nurtured a vibrant community which encourages the art of … Continue reading The New Look WordPress: #JustWrite!

Collaboration Becomes Easier as Allows Sharing Google Docs

I have expressed my intense love affair with in several posts in this blog. Consider this one more added to that genre. Big whoop, I like these guys. They make my life easier. So here is the deal: in their latest announcement, the WordPress Happiness Engineers have said that they are allowing the access … Continue reading Collaboration Becomes Easier as Allows Sharing Google Docs

One More Reason To Love WordPress

My blog runs on and I must say that ever since I started here, I have been nothing but satisfied. I agree there are certain limitations and advanced stuff are available only after a payment, yet, it is a service that can be trusted. And that was proved once again by this post. There … Continue reading One More Reason To Love WordPress

This has got to be an April Fools’ prank!

Take a look at the visits graph: Like most newbie bloggers, I have one eye on the hit counter always and it is an absolute pleasure to see any spike on the meter at all. So, when I logged in to check the innards of the blog today, I found this! According to the graph, … Continue reading This has got to be an April Fools’ prank!

Another Reason to Love

I know you can cite several hundred reasons to LOVE (and also, correspondingly, to HATE), but I want to speak of one here from my personal experience. As you may know, I have been debating the wisdom of changing the looks of my blog, and had created a poll to ask my readers what … Continue reading Another Reason to Love