The Family Physician: A Dying Romantic Idea

I have been known to lament the loss of the prestige of the basic medical degree (MBBS) in India. While you may or may not agree with it, the truth remains that nobody who is doing (or has recently done) an MBBS course wants to stay out at that level. Everyone wants to go and … Continue reading The Family Physician: A Dying Romantic Idea

The USA Dream for IMGs: Coming to an end? Analysing the 2012 Match

My attention was drawn to an article in the JAMA today (1) by one of my friends who is actively pursuing the USMLE route. And after reading this, I guess I have to admit that one now has to make haste in order to prevent waste. Now I have long been wanting to write about … Continue reading The USA Dream for IMGs: Coming to an end? Analysing the 2012 Match

AIIMS May 2012: Part–I: Nostalgia

First up, a sincere apology to my email subscribers for messing up your email with multiple temporary post mails from Windows Live. Sorry for spamming you, the program went bonkers trying to get a hold of my new blog theme (Nuntius). I hope you do not unsubscribe! What were the emotions that you felt while … Continue reading AIIMS May 2012: Part–I: Nostalgia

And the AIPG Fiasco Continues

The 5300-odd rankers in the AIPG were breathing a sigh of relief when the notification for counseling for Post Graduation seats was declared, along with dates and ranks and the rank cards were uploaded on the site. It seemed that the concept of online counseling which seemed innocuous on the surface but was fraught with … Continue reading And the AIPG Fiasco Continues

Game, Set… MATCH!

A number of my friends applied for the USMLE this year and it seems that with every passing year more and more people from my neck of the woods are trying to jump shores. The whys and wherefores of such a radical decision are matters for another post, but the thing is, all over the … Continue reading Game, Set… MATCH!