House MD 8×02: Transplant

As big a fan of the House MD show I am, let me start off with the disclaimer that I consider this to be one of the worst ever episodes of House MD to come on air. EVER! And that is not just because of the sucky medical mystery, but also because of the very … Continue reading House MD 8×02: Transplant

House MD 8×01: Twenty Vicodin

So, like I said in my last post, House is back, and with a bang. The new season starts off on a bleak note with House serving out the last few days in his 8 month old sentence, and being on the verge of getting paroled. After the rather weird season finale for season 7, … Continue reading House MD 8×01: Twenty Vicodin

House MD: You Can’t Keep Him Away!

While I was away enjoying my well earned break from civilization, House MD’s season 8 has premiered. And tonight, they will be showing the second episode too! So, remember what happened at the end of last season? House drove into Lisa Cuddy’s house and fled the country to go to some tropical island. And what … Continue reading House MD: You Can’t Keep Him Away!

House M.D. 1.02: Denialism

Once you have read the plot, you will understand what I am going to deal with in this post. The key to understanding how House reached a diagnosis of SSPE in the adopted kid was in a funny encounter he had in the clinic. A yummy mummy had brought in her kid who she was … Continue reading House M.D. 1.02: Denialism

House M.D. Plot: 1.02 Paternity

The next episode happens to be one of my favorites because this is one of the few cases where House’s flights of diagnostic fancy is actually comprehensible to my mere intelligence. Also, there is this one thing I have to ask: in diagnosing SSPE, can we take a trans-pupillary retinal biopsy by poking in through … Continue reading House M.D. Plot: 1.02 Paternity