Introducing DermCOW

I would like to introduce this new weblog which is the by product of a discussion initiated by Dr. David Elpern of Cell2Soul fame. It is essentially an extension of the academic interest group called Tabula Rasa, which I initiated on Facebook. This new weblog seeks to discuss one Dermatology case every week (Now get what DermCOW means? Dermatology Case of the Week). It will be maintained by Dr. Elpern and Dr. Cohen, PGY 1 in a month and plans a career in dermatology. Keep your eyes on the site if you want to get a bite of udderly interesting Derm cases every week. Cheers!

DermCOW Philosophy William Osler wrote:  “the pupil and the teacher working together on the same lines, only one a little ahead of the other. This is the ideal towards which we should move. The pity of it all is that we should have made an intolerable burden of the study of one of the most attractive of the professions, but the reform is in our own hands and should not be far off.” Osler is, arguably, the preeminent physician of modern times.  In his spirit, we hav … Read More

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