My New Keys

I have been using the Toshiba Portege 3490CT for well nigh a decade now. I used her with the crappy Windows ME, then went back to using Windows98, and finally a friend loaded me up with XP and that’s been driving her for most of the time. She has been with me in some real tight times. Although powered by the Pentium III processor, with a 256 MB RAM, which seems ridiculously low, and a hard drive memory of 20 GB (most smartphones today have more memory than that!), she was a great friend to me. When my reliable old desktop finally broke down, she was there for me. Her batteries were shot, so we could not plug her out for more than 5 minutes, but she still did a hell of a wonderful job. Of late, she was getting a little slow, a little tardy on the starting up, programs were malfunctioning with more and more regularity. I could sense that she was not going to pull along too well. But being broke and back to studies in between jobs for a year, I was, naturally, unable to even consider a replacement. Unfortunately, she had to put in those hours, even when we both knew she was not cut out for it. Not anymore.

toshiba portege 3490 ct

Yesterday, dad got me a new set of keys.

A spanky new Acer Aspire One notebook computer. With me needing to use a laptop at different places, I always needed something handy and easy to use. And since my preferred mode of data transfer was an external HDD and an array of Pendrives, I do not really miss the DVD reader.


As new notebooks go, this one is pretty decent. With an Intel Atom processor, 2 GB RAM and 160 GB hard drive memory, this one is good enough for my purposes. It has built in blue tooth and 3G capabilities as well as WiFi powers. Whilst in my neck of the woods, this is not particularly common, it means that I may not need to upgrade for quite some time (not that I can afford to, even if I wanted!).

I do need to get used to the different format of the keys, so forgive my typos while my central nervous system gets used to them.

I know its been a hard kind of a month for me, pulling in the last few extra days of work, bidding my alma mater adieu, taking on a new career plan: March Madness has been big on me. Here’s to hoping that my beloved Portege gets some well earned rest while the new Acer helps me ace the challenges ahead of me. I could do with a break, a slice of luck…

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